5# Red Sea Blend - 2018

Red Sea Blend
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8.5 Dry Fragrance – Fruit Strip Gum, orange and spices
      Wet Aroma – Fruit Strip Gum, green apple

8.0 Acidity – mild citrus
8.0 Body – big juicy body
8.0 Balance – well balanced
8.5 Flavor – This is a fruit, dark chocolate bomb, but with a characteristic unlike a single origin coffee. True to form for Red Sea Blend.
8.0 Aftertaste – Fruit Stripe Gum
8.5 Overall – The first time I had Red Sea Blend I was impressed. Great blend of Yemen and Ethiopia coffee. This is true to form. I cannot tell if there is Yemen in this, but the characteristics suggest there is. It's way more complex than just Ethiopian coffee.

In a latte it blasts through the milk, Fruit and Chocolate

87.5 Using SCAA guidelines

Recommended roast level C - FC


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