5 # Brazil - Sitio Santo Antonio

Brazil - Sitio Santo Antonio
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This is for 5 lb of unroasted, green coffee

Brazil Microlot - Sitio Santo Antonio


  -    Dry Aroma – Sweet chocolate, cherries and spice
  -    Wet Aroma – chocolate, caramel and cherries
  -   Acidity – mild green grape
  -   Body – Big, silky
   -  Balance – well balanced
   -  Flavor – Caramel dominates, with chocolate, cherries and spices
   -  Aftertaste –Chocolate, caramel with a hint of cherries, ending with a dark chocolate finisy
  -   Overall – This is a crowd pleaser.  Really rich hot to cool..  the caramel and chocolate beg for another cup

 In my experience Coffees from this region need 4 – 5 days to wake up.   So let this one rest after roasting

Recommended Roast level - City +

5 lbs


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