5# Rwanda Abakundakawa

5# Rwanda Abakundakawa - fair trade
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This is for 5 lb of unroasted, green coffee

8.5 Dry Fragrance – Honeysuckle, caramel, chocolate and spices
Wet Aroma – Stonefruit, chocolate, cinnamon
8.0 Acidity – mild
8.0 Body – big body
8.0 Balance – well balanced
8.5 Flavor – Peach, chocolate, caramel and spices
8.0 Aftertaste – the flavors mix and flow on the tongue for a really long time.
8.5 Overall – Abakundakawa has been a great Rwanda coffee since Atlas started importing it. This is a microlot and I have to say by far the best Abakundakawa I've cupped. Super complex, balanced and full of flavor. Layered with goodness. The flavor profile doesn't change at all as it cools.

In a latte the Fruit and Chocolate come through the milk bringing the sweetness with them.

87.5 Using SCAA guidelines


Sunday, 11 September 2016
I love most coffee from Ethiopia, and this is a nice variation. Surprisingly easy to get good results, regardless of roast technique (I use a Hottop). I have bought this coffee three years in a row. Always a pleasure to drink this!
Rick Groszkiewicz
Tuesday the 29th. Affiliate Marketing. Leverhead Coffee
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