WaGuns Rimfire

Rimfire is a light blend of Central American and South American coffees.
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This Central and South american blend bring fruit and hints of chocolate together for a light refreshing coffee.

Today, coffee and guns seem to go hand-in-hand. Like the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, a good cup of coffee should never be impaired or infringed. That's why Larry's Coffees have teamed up with WaGuns to present our own custom "Stand Your Grounds" roasts. We are offering them in two distinct levels of knockdown power;

This is our"Rimfire" roast, which is a lighter roast or try the "Centerfire" roast if you like a darker roast!

Wake up every morning to the smell of FREEDOM!


Larry's Coffees will donate $1 to WaGuns.org for each pound of Rimfire coffee sold.


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