How to Store Your Coffee


Best Way to Store Coffee

The best way to store coffee is to purchase fresh, whole bean coffee and grind it yourself.  Only grind enough to use just before brewing.  Store the remaining beans in an air-tight container in a cool dark area, typically a pantry, etc..  The two key things that are detrimental to roasted coffee is air and moisture.  Make sure your storage method does its best to avoid contact with air and moisture, including condensation.

I recommend a very simple and inexpensive container for storing coffee beans.  Restaurant supply stores sell a white polyethylene food storage container that is standard in the industry.  You can purchase these at any restaurant supply store for under $5.00.  These do an excellent job of sealing out air and moisture and they last forever.  If you purchase coffee in 1 lb. bags, use a 2 quart container.  If you purchase coffee in 5 lb. bags, use an 8 quart container.

Should I Refrigerate or Freeze Coffee?

Coffee should never be put into a refrigerator with one exception, brewed coffee chilled for iced coffee.  Coffee has a great tendency to absorb odors, either whole bean or ground coffee.  Placing in a refrigerator allows for absorption of odors and moisture, which degrades the coffee.  As mentioned above, the only exception is when brewing iced coffee.  After you brew your coffee and allow it to cool, it is fine to pour it into a container and chill for use within the next 24 hours.  Chilled, brewed coffee flavor will not be affected for a short time in the refrigerator.

Likewise, coffee should typically not be placed in a freezer.  If you purchase a large amount of coffee that cannot be used in a normal period, it is okay to store it in the freezer, provided it is placed into an airtight container and is not exposed to moisture or condensation.  Just take out what you need to brew at a given time.  Do not allow it to sit or thaw.  Just use it cold.  Never re-freeze coffee.

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