Roast Levels


Roast Levels and terminology vary from roaster to roaster

Larry's coffees are typically roasted City - Full City depending on the character of the bean.

Here is what I use for roast levels

  • Lite roasts
    • City Roast
      • Medium Brown in color
      • The beans are still dry
      • 50% of the sugar is caramelized, acidity is developed and the character of a bean can be clearly tasted.
    • City + Roast
      • Slightly more developed and slightly darker
  • Medium Roasts
    • Full City Roast
      • Rich Brown Color
      • Beans may have tiny droplets of oil
      • Character is present with decreased acidity and a slight roast taste (bittersweet)
    • Full City +
      • Slghtly darker yet
      • A little more oil
      • more of a roast flavor
  • Dark Roasts
    • Vienna
      • Moderate dark brown color
      • Beans have oil
      • Acidity is muted
      • Cup quality is bittersweet with heavier body
    • French
      • Dark brown in color
      • Beans covered in oil
      • Acids are radically decreased
      • Subtle nuances are mostly gone.  Body dominates with roast flavor (mermaid coffee)
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