About Leverhead Coffee


Leverhead Coffee was formerly Larry's Coffees

I've owned 5 different lever espresso machines (I have 2 Astoria commercial lever machines now) and find I like the shots of a lever machine better than a pump machine, in essence I'm a Leverhead.... hence the name.

Leverhead Coffee came about when I started homeroasting.  My passion for coffee grew and so did the types and quality of the coffee.  Friends and family started preferring my coffee over store bought coffee, so I started selling to family and friends, and now it's available here.  I source only the best specialty coffee available on the green coffee market. 

I think you'll find my coffee to be some of the best you'll ever have.

All coffee is sold in full 1 lb. quantities  Many companies have started selling coffee in 12 oz bags, but I think if you'll want a full pound, and you should get it.


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